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VYTYV Adventure

Our entry-level gravel wheelset. Indestructible DT Swiss hubs, proven SAPIM spokes, and durable VYTYV rims.

Weight - 1700 g
Rims - VYTYV GC 700c 32H, (height 18,5 mm, inner width 23 mm)
Spokes - Sapim Leader Black
Nipples - Black  Alu
Hubs -
DT Swiss 370 CL J-Bend 32H, 3 pawls/24t, 12x100 12x142
Weight limit - 130 kg


VYTYV Lite is a better version of our Adventure wheelset. DT 350 hubs are one of the most popular models chosen for gravel riding and bikepacking, primarily due to their reliability. The wide VYTYV rims ensure the perfect fit for wide tires, and the Sapim Laser spokes slim down the whole set further. In our opinion, this is the perfect balance between price and quality.

Weight - 1620 g
Rims - VYTYV GCX 700c 28H (height 18,5 mm, inner width 23 mm)
Spokes - Sapim Laser 2.0-1.5-2.0
Nipples - Black Alu
Hubs -
DT Swiss 350 CL Straight Pull 28H, Ratchet 18t, 12x100 12x142
Weight Limit - 100 kg

VYTYV Carbon Superlite

One of the most expensive wheelsets that we offer. But superb carbon rims come at a price. The 31 mm height provides a fine balance between increased aerodynamics and featherweight. The well-known DT 350 hubs are the straightpull versions, while the flat profile of the Sapim CX-Ray spoke provides even lower air resistance. A perfect wheelset if you are focused on weight, and you do not care about the price. Great for road plus bike, for wider tyres we recommend other sets.

Weight - 1320 g
Rims - VYTYV RC36 700c 24H (height 36 mm, inner width 21,5 mm), carbon
Spokes - Sapim CX Ray
Nipples - Black Alu
Hubs -
DT Swiss 350 CL Straight Pull 24H, Ratchet 18t, 12x100 12x142 SH
Weight limit - 90 kg

Dandy Horse Pulsar AR 30/45

If you're after some amazing carbon wheels but don't like the high profile of other models, this one will be great for you! The Pulsar AR 30 wheelset will handle anything you throw at it, and with a fairly wide 25 mm rim, you'll be able to fit pretty much any tyre that can fit in our frames.

Weight - from 1390 g
Rims - Dandy Horse Pulsar 30/45 (height 30 or 45 mm, inner width 25 mm)
Spokes - Sapim Race
Nipples - Sapim Polyax Alu
Hubs -
Dandy Horse TCN Straight Pull 24H, pawls, 72 POE, 12x100 12x142 other options: Dandy Horse RTC ratchet 36t, DT Swiss 350 ratchet 36t
Weight limit - 115 kg or 130 kg

Dandy Horse Pulsar 45 ARV

High-end wheel model designed and built in the Dandy Horse wheelsmith's workshop in Warsaw - it's hard to find better wheels! The universal 25 mm width will ensure a proper fit with different tyre widths and the 45 mm profile will provide additional aerodynamic benefits, plus, let's face it, it looks sick!

Weight - from 1285 g
Rims - Dandy Horse Pulsar ARV 30/45 (height 30/45 mm, inner width 25 mm)
Spokes - Sapim CX-Sprint
Nipples - Sapim Polyax Alu
Hubs - 
Dandy Horse TCN Straight Pull 24H, pawls, 72 POE, 12x100 12x142, other options: Dandy Horse RTC ratchet 36t, DT Swiss 350 ratchet 36t, DT Swiss 240 Ratchet EXP 36t
Weight limit - 105 kg

Still not sure?
We know that the number of options can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But that's exactly what we're here for! If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help so that you can choose the configuration that's tailored perfectly to you!
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